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Why Would I Want to Trade Commodities?

    There is really only one reason to trade commodities… to make money. Commodities allow you to make large sums of money in relatively short amounts of time, with only a small initial investment. What allows you to do this is leverage. When you trade commodities you are putting the power of leverage on your side.

What does leverage do for me?

    Just how leverage in the commodity markets can help you is shown in the following example. You can control $1,000,000 eurodollars for just under $600. What does this mean? Well, a eurodollar is an American dollar deposited in a European bank. As the interest rate of these European banks fluctuates the value of the eurodollar changes with it. So if the interest rate changed by just .1 % (that is one tenth of one percent) then the $600 you invested in eurodollars would be worth $850.   If it changes by .3 % your money is more than doubled! This is the power of leverage. You are controlling a million dollars of currency with $600.
    You may be asking... but what if the interest rates change in the opposite direction? Can't I lose money just as quickly? Yes, you could if you did not know how to limit your losses. Click here to read about What Risk is Involved with Trading Commodities? In our 200 Level Courses we teach you how to completely limit your losses to whatever amount you decide up front. You never have to lose sleep worrying if you will lose all your money.
    In addition to limiting your losses, we teach you the most difficult concept to understand in trading commodities. It is a secret that you will be sharing with all your friends... how to profit from prices as they drop.
    You may have heard stories about people losing everything in the commodity markets... yes there are a few people that have lost large amounts of money trading commodities. These people were greedy. They tried to "get rich quick" and they did not use the protection that we teach you about in our 200 Level Courses. You can safely trade commodities and accumulate the wealth you deserve.
    As you can probably see from the story of farmer Joe in What Are Commodities? a large sum of money can be made in a short amount of time. There are many ways to profit from the same price move. You could have bought someone else's corn in that example and doubled the amount of corn that you held, and thus doubled your profit when you sold. You could have waited a few more days if you thought the price of corn would have gone up more and made more money. The variations go on depending upon your trading style. Let me give you some other real life examples of what you could have made if you were trading commodities:

If you had bought Silver on the 1st of February and sold it a week later you would have made $3750.00! If you had bought Orange Juice on November 7th and sold it a week later you would have made $1200.00!

    The power of leveraging your money is the secret to accumulating wealth. You owe it to yourself to find out more about diversifying your investments and to learn about trading commodities. Click here to find out where you can find more information about trading commodities besides our courses.

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