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About MockTrading

MockTrading is the World's Most Advanced
On-line Commodity Trading Simulation.

Our purpose here at MockTrading is to offer a dependable resource in your trading education. We get many questions concerning "What, Why, and How to Mock Trade" so let's get a few commonly asked questions answered!

First off, MockTrading is an online program by which a trader can develop their skills and practice trading the Futures market (sorry Options trading is not available at this time) without risking a penny. This experience is valuable and allows you to gauge your readiness for taking the leap into trading real money in real time with a broker. MockTrading operates off delayed quotes.

MockTrading can be an asset when testing new techniques and systems. It can also allow you to get familiarized with different commodities markets -- which is very helpful as each market has its own characteristics and personality. Knowing this can alert you to potential rewards and (even more important) potential volatility and risk.

The "How" the practical knowledge gained while studying the markets is what we are excited to offer you. Many times we find that traders need some help taking what is well studied book knowledge and transferring that to Papertrading the markets. This logical progression from knowledge to skill can be tricky...that's where we can help!

Preparation is Key!

We encourage you to open your own MockTrading account and also take advantage of the education online mock trading can provide!

How do I sign up?

Getting your own MockTrading account is easy. Click here and you will be asked a few questions like your name, address, e-mail address and so on. Once you complete this form, you will immediately be able to start trading your account. It's that easy!

Can I lose money using MockTrading?

MockTrading is a simulation. You can not lose real money trading your MockTrading account; you can only lose "mock" or pretend money. You can make or lose money trading real commodities.

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