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 How to Enter into a Contract        

Once you picked out a trade based on the formations, strategy, or guess, all you would do is click the handshake from the main menu.

Enter into a Contract

This will bring you a list of available commodities that are currently trading. Select a commodity from the drop down menu, then click "Select".

Now you have two choices:

1. You can walk through the entire process of entering a contract. This will take you step by step through the whole process. Just review the list of contracts of the commodity you wanted to enter a contract and select the one you would like to enter a contract with.

Placing a Detailed Order
Make a selection from your choices below.

Select One Commodity Name
Month & Year Open/High/Low/Close* Volume Open Interest
Soybean Meal
May 2002 149.3/150/149.3/149.6 96 790

2. Once you completely understand the ordering process or just want to enter into a contract fast you can use the following order system. here you would select all the criteria of your order and submit it. A screen will allow you to confirm your order then the order is placed. This way is extremely fast.

You want to enter in a
Soybean Meal contract.

Quick Soybean Meal Contract Order Form
Month Year
Long (Buy)/Short (Sell) Quantity Type Price

Long (buy)
Short (sell)

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