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 How to Exit a Contract        

You will want to place Exit order for a contract for many reasons:

  • Use it to protect yourself if the market goes south (if you are long) or north (if you are short). Then when you are ready to exit the contract you can cancel the exit order and place a new one.

  • Use it to exit an contract you have profited from, the contract does not fit your trading practices, the potential for the contract is not what you want, you feel the value will not go where you want it to, etc.

To start the ball rolling in exiting an order select the money bag from the main menu.

Exit a Contract

This will bring you a list of orders you are currently entered into. Select the contract you want to exit by clicking "Exit Position" that corresponds to your contract.

Open Orders

Select which position you would like to exit.

Short 2 CN1 Contracts.
Current Price* Entry Price Profit or Loss Margin/Maintenance
191.25 201.75 1050 2130 / 800

The Mock Trading Engine will then ask you a couple of questions to correctly exit your order. 

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